15th February 2011

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Current situation and developing trend analysis of the vehicle carried information system

In China, the vehicle carried information system is the concept appearing in recent years, it uses technology of the computer, satellite positioning, communication, controlling etc. to offer security, environmental protection, comfortableness function and car electronic device of the service, it is a constituent element of the intelligent automobile, calls the car electronic device too. Vehicle carried information system including the intersection of car and computer, intellectual navigator, drive a vehicle recording meter, vehicle carried multimedia,etc..

With the development of new technology, the car will be no longer isolated unit, but become the active network node. The vehicle carried information system can form the independent network in the car, it is a node of the network of the world too at the same time, so can offer a lot of corresponding services. Look from computer field, the vehicle carried information system of the car is a moving computing platform (car computing platform this concept was put forward by National Information Industry Ministry) .

According to serivce object, the vehicle carried information service system contains the harmony of the people, car, society to unify. Vehicle carried information system divide into 4 aspect, from clientele, service layer, the intersection of communication and layer and vehicle carried layer sequentially.

The service layer pays attention to the unity of the people, society, car, it provides the final user with the services of these three respects. Service layer one the intersection of service and the intersection of offering and layer of solution, every operator face different user’s needs, carry on various vehicle carried products with the intersection of data service and network organic to combine, provide the characteristic, individualized service for user.

Communication layer vehicle carried serving tying that combining together, wireless communication technology whether vehicle carried communication bring more changes. Vehicle carried layer is various so-called are vehicle carried to navigate, vehicle carried monitor terminal, it is divided into two kinds: One kind possesses communication function; Another kind possess, include vehicle carried control and that start gradually in China autonomous navigation. The future is vehicle carried control, autonomous navigation must be united with foreign Telematics technology, offer more richly and colorfully services to user.

Abroad, the vehicle carried information system is seldom put forward alone, the majority interpret it as the vehicle carried multimedia. In recent years, the vehicle carried information system is included in Telematics concept. Telematics comes from U.S.A. first, exerts an influence gradually in the world, its commercial mode is made up of three parts, including the supplier, facilitator, consumer.

Telematics market develops quickly in the world in recent years, the reason has several respects: First of all, the global car recoverable amount increases year by year, has already exceeded 200 million now; Meanwhile, the car electron technology is progressing gradually, the technology of wireless communication is developing rapidly too; In addition, the industry chain is more complete, including chip, vehicle carried unit, data supplier,etc..

Telematics trade of Asia, two more representative countries are Japan and South Korea. A series of market forecast data statistics from Japan reveals, by 2010, the market share of Japan will exceed 10 billion dollars, the market share of South Korea probably accounts for 3 billion dollars.

The development situation of world is very good, compared with it, China is only at the stage when just started, equipment supplier, service supplier, operator not riper and completer yet. However, this kind of situation has brought the great opportunity to counterpart of China, so long as it is correct to position, native enterprises can all find the place, will develop together with constant completion of the automobile market.

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